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French frame containing the tubes ECH4, ECH4, EBL21, EM84 and AZ1 from 1948 mounted in a casing of perspex. Some modifications have been made. It is no longer in its original state.

On this site you'll find all kinds of information on PHILIPS radio's predating 1949 and from 1949. Other devices such as TVs amplifiers, tape recorders, portable battery receivers etc. can be viewed separately. It is also possible to send an e-mail if you'd want additional information regarding radio tubes and other parts. Furthermore we appreciate corrections by e-mail on any incomplete or inaccurate information.

The 5 most recently replaced, removed or added:
12-08-2007 Portables: Erres RP666, Philips P3X31T and radio Philips B3D22T
Portables: Erres: RP164, RS1263, Philips: L4X91AB, L1X75T, L2X00T (Black), Loewe Opta Loewe T46, Radio: Service Radio, Philips 208U, NSF H293A, Telefunken 054GWK
27-12-2006 Portables: Philips: L3F60T, LOX95T, 12RL472, 22RL372, D1018, 90RL073 and SBR P6 and Philips radio B2X60U added. Guestbook is working again.
16-10-2006 Overview collection build. See at Photogalery and click on: Klik hier voor het totaaloverzicht van mijn verzameling.
15-10-2006 Philips portables: 122ABCL2X94T and Philips Radio 2511, B1X71BT and Speaker 2019 added.

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